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CRD architects started as a development group and evolved into a consortium of architects, craftsmen, developers and builders towards a Master Builder approach, and involved into CRD architects in 2017. CRD stands for Construction  Reuse  Development in relationship to design build process led by architect. The founder, Si Djahedi, with an international background and professional experience, maintains a perspective that the old formula “design bid build” of architectural practice remains dysfunctional, especially in this post-recession era.

We must understand the present & future generations and our environment to discover a new process in architecture that sustains and benefits all. We have expertise to deliver a wide range of high quality architectural services to a broad spectrum of healthcare, senior care, institutional, corporate and government clients. Our mission is to ensure our client’s confidence in our ability to listen, understand, and translate their needs into quality planned and uniquely designed projects that are within budget and delivered with Excellence, Precision, and Speed. We are a service-oriented company that integrates creative architecture with sensible solutions. The driving force behind CRD architects is our experienced team spirit, with the realization that clients do not hire a company – they hire thinkers and doers who make ideas happen from conceptualization through to realization and implementation that can only sense.


We approach opportunities as a collaborative effort, which promotes the team, rather than the individual. Our experience with a variety of project delivery methods, from IPD to CMA, gives us the ability to meet aggressive project schedules and construction budgets. Principals are highly engaged in many facets of the business, including client and contractor development, project oversight, and coordination throughout the life of the project. We bring this expertise to every project, big or small, to make it less of an innovation and more of normal practice. Taking an active role is important and necessary for the successful outcome of sensible, well-designed projects.


Architecture has the ability to enrich the human experience. One sees a building, but one feel’s architecture. We believe each project deserves to be architecture and not just a building. We realize there is a necessary balance between nature and buildings. The preservation and promotion of healthier environments is paramount.

As advocates for our planet’s ecosystem, our design choices and product selections are ones that promote sustainability, health and safety. Sustainable practices are inherent to how architecture is implemented and should not be considered optional.


CRD architects

| For architecture with purpose and Integrity.
| For happy clients and Service second to none.
| For effective Collaborative team solutions.
| For Unique project within budget and on-time.
| For the Love of Architecture.